10 Smart Job Ideas For Single Parents

Single parents can find it difficult to find a job that enables them to adequately balance their work and home life. A single parent is best suited for a job that is very flexible in terms of hours and scheduling. This article will list and explain 10 jobs that are flexible and well suited for single parents.

1. Customer Service Agents

Many companies now outsource their customer service calls to companies that hire customer service agents from around the world. Many of these customer agents work from the comfort of their own home, taking calls about issues with that companies products or services.  This would obviously be very convenient for the single parent to work from home as it could possibly lead to saving on child care costs.

This can be a full 40 hours per week full time job, or part time as well, with pay ranging anywhere from $8-$15 per hour. You can look for openings and apply at job sites as well as freelance sites which include:


2. Freelance Article Writing

If you can find a good amount of writing to do , this can be a great option for a single parent.

There are many different websites that allow freelance writers to search for work, so finding a job should not be difficult.

Online writing includes mainly writing articles, however you can also do proofreading, as well as resume writing and more. Some of the sites will require you to submit a writing sample in order to be able to write articles for money. This can be a great job for a single parent as you can write the articles when and wherever you want, allowing you to have time to care for the kids, or take them to their after school activities etc.

Some websites that offer article writing jobs include:

3. Real Estate

A job as a real estate agent for a single parent is a reasonably flexible job, and it has the potential to be a very high paying job. You could choose to be an independent real estate broker which would allow to basically make your own schedule, except for the times when you will have to meet with clients to show them the homes. Usually this is in the early evening hours so you might have to make other arrangements for your children at times.

You could also join a real estate broker which would not be quite as flexible as an independent broker, however you would not have to worry about office space, advertising campaigns as all that is done for you.

Depending on the state that you live in, you will have to pass a series of tests to be certified to become a real estate agent. It is not a difficult process and you can become very successful as people become more familiar with you in the real estate community.

4. Direct Selling (Sales and Product Demonstrations)

Another well suited job for a single parent could be sales and product demonstrations. There are numerous companies that will hire individuals to work from home selling their products. You can sell the companies products through your own website, making phone calls, or by in person demonstrations. Depending on the products you are selling, you can earn a decent income ranging from $300 to $1500 per month and sometimes even higher.

You are probably familiar with many of the top products that are usually sold using this method such as Avon, Mary Kate, Tupperware, and Herbal Life. These companies offer high commissions and bonus depending on how well you do.

This job would be ideal for anyone who has experience in sales and enjoys talking to people.

The following displays some legitimate direct selling companies:

5. Home Based Travel Agent

A unique job idea for a single parent is a home based travel agent. You could work from home, choose your own hours, allowing you time to care for your children, and you can earn a good income from this job as well.  Home based travel agents have been soaring in popularity over the years. Effective marketing and advertising increases the chance of success for your business with some home based travel agents earning up to $ 80 000 a year. Many people would choose a home based travel agent because it would be cheaper then booking with a regular travel agent.

6. Transcription

This is an ideal job for those with very young children as this is usually a work from home job. You can set your own hours to work around a busy schedule with your children. Transcription involves typing out audio recordings as you hear it. It has to be very accurate and can be difficult with various terms and accents. You must be a skilled typist to transcribe. Many of the transcription jobs are medical transcription which have a high rate of pay but can be difficult if you aren’t familiar with medical terms.

Some good sources to search for a transcription job include:

7. Teachers/Online Tutoring

Teachers schedules aren’t necessarily flexible, however they are very similar to their children’s schedule if they are enrolled in school. Also, teachers receive the summer off, enabling them to spend time with their children and not have to resort to some sort of child care for the summer. Teachers are well paid and should have no problems supporting their children financially.

If teaching isn’t something you can pursue at this point, you could also try online tutoring. With online tutoring, you do not have to be an actual teacher, although you should have a good knowledge in the subject you will be tutoring. How it works is, you make video calls through a video sharing program such as Skype to one or more students in a room. You can choose what you teach, many times it can just be basic math, and english. Furthermore, if you are multi lingual, you can teach different languages to students around the world through Skype. The great thing about this is the flexibility, as you teach whenever you want. The pay can range from $10-$15 dollars an hour and even more if you are teaching a different language.

Some great online tutoring sites include:


8. Graphic Designer

If you are an artistic person this could be a good job for you. You would be designing banners, creating logos, designing business cards and more. This job is very flexible in terms of hours and locations. You will have to be present at meetings, but most of the team you can do your actual graphic design work anywhere and anytime you want, as long as it is finished by the deadline. You could do the work on your computer while the kids are at school, or while they are sleeping. The national average salary for a graphic designer in the USA is over $40 000.

You do not have to obtain any licenses  to get started however, this job would will need the best software such as Adobe Creative Suite, which can be costly to purchase.

9. Virtual Assistants

A job that is steadily increasing in popularity are virtual assistants. Virtual assistant do everything that a normal assistant would do such as sending emails, booking appointments, taking a variety of phone calls etc. all from the comfort of their own home. With some of these jobs you get to choose which shifts you work. All you need is a good computer, a headset and a high speed internet connection.

The average pay can have a wide range depending on who hires you, however the national salary for an executive assistant is approximately $39 000.

You can look for virtual assistant jobs on a variety of freelance and job search websites such as

• freelancer.com
• indeed.com
• elance.com
• staffcentrix.com

10. Hair Dresser/Makeup Artist

This is a great job for single moms out there (men too)as you can cut hair, do makeup, paint nails etc. This would be especially flexible if you set up the saloon inside your house. You could make your own hours and always be at home with the kids.

Furthermore, you could even specialize in wedding events, as you could perform the hair and makeup for the bride and the bridesmaids and charge a higher then normal fee. You could make a good living doing this, while eliminating stress on worrying about paying for child care services for your children.

After looking over these jobs, you should have a good inclination of the type of jobs that are best suited for single parents. Flexibility is the key, the more flexible the job is in terms hours and shifts, the better it will work out for you. Many of these jobs are work at home jobs, which are on the rise and are helping people live their lives with less stress.