20 Legit Stay at Home Jobs for New Mothers

When you’re a new mother, if you choose to stay home with your baby for the medium or longer term you might want to still be able to earn some money.  It’s important to have some flexibility in your work so that you can fit work times around the demands of your baby.

Alternatively, if you return to your normal job at reduced hours, it can be useful to have an extra stay at home job to boost your income by working in evenings or weekends.

Obviously if you have specific in-demand skills, you can look for work in that area.  Alternatively if your pre-baby employer would be interested in offering you work you could do from home, that would be a straightforward transition.  Discuss it with your employer and see if they have any opportunities that might be coming up soon.

There are lots of opportunities available for work from home jobs, and just a quick internet search will bring up hundreds of options.  Some things to be aware of before you launch in to responding to ads are:

  • Watch out for scams. There are thousands of scam jobs and business opportunities on the internet.  I have expanded on some things to look out for below.  Do an internet search on the company name to see if you can find reviews or information that indicates it could be a scam or misleading.
  • Consider the tax implications of a part time job, what impact it will have on your income and tax paid. You should be able to claim work related expenses as well because you have a home office.
  • Some stay at home jobs require an initial investment in equipment, training or resources – find out what might be required, if you are willing to take that risk and whether the offer is genuine.
  • Find out how many hours are expected in the role, and what the anticipated income will be. Sometimes you end up putting in lots of hours and pay is minimal, so it might not really be worth the stress and effort.
  • How motivated are you to make this work? For some people the idea of a stay at home job is nice, but the reality of making time to sit down and focus on the work, and finish the work required is harder than anticipated.
  • Being a new mom, adjusting to staying at home with the baby, and also working from home can be very isolating. Make sure you have opportunities to get out of the house and meet with others, socialise and have a break.

19 Legit Stay At Home Jobs for Moms

There are lots of opportunities available, depending on how many hours you want to work, what time of the day and what level of income you expect to earn.  Here are some suggestions to investigate:

1. Blogging – If you have a “point of difference” that can make your blog posts stand out – you are a witty writer or discussing a topic that will get lots of readers, you can try setting up a blog and get established as a go-to blog on that subject.  Sell advertising space on your blog to generate an income.  As you increase your readership your income will also increase.

2. Writing – if you have a way with words and an interest in writing you could try this option.  You can write and submit articles to various magazines and see if they will get published, there will be lots of competition so you will need to be persistent!  If you think you could write a book – fiction or non-fiction – it might be worth self-publishing as an e-book and see what interest you get from that.  If you have some success, you would be able to approach publishers to see if they would be interested in signing you up to write for them.

3. Freelance Article Writing — this is similar to the writing, but there is ‘less’ skill and less pay involved. If you get a proper freelance writing gig for a website or magazine, you are often paid a decent amount per article and it’s regular work. But these positions are few and they are hard to get. You often have to be a writer with previous similar jobs to show with a portfolio to your name. For new writers, this is a problem. You also have to be a top notch writer who can WRITE the style that blog / magazines want. However, just because you are not a ‘writer’ with a journalism degree doesn’t mean you still can’t earn writing. The other option is to become a FREELANCE article writer where you write content for websites (often ghost written content). You would be the nameless face (usually) behind articles that appear on any number of small / medium sized websites / blogs around the web. It’s not a glorious job and you likely won’t be able to attach your name to the work, but there IS in fact a lot of work out there. You can join elance.com, freelancer.com, odesk.com or a number of other freelancers, look at jobs posted, and start applying. This is our recommended way for a stay at home mom to make money as it’s legit and a reliable source of income. You just have to be a somewhat decent writer. Read SingleMom.org’s How to Make $1000 a Month as an Article Freelancer for a good intro on how to do this.

4. Transcribing/Data Entry – There are quite a few companies hiring work-from-home transcribers or data entry people.  You can be paid particularly well as a transcriber if you have specialist skills, such as a knowledge of medical or legal terminology.  You are generally paid by volume, rather than time spent on transcribing or data entry – so to make this job work you need to be a fast typist.  Most companies will require you to do some on-line testing before they hire you, and some require you to provide your own equipment (at least headphones, but maybe also a foot pedal or purchasing transcribing software), but others will provide the software.

5. Proof Reading/Editing – If you have good English skills, you could do proof reading or editing work.  If you have experience of academic writing, you might be able to market your skills in a University setting.  A good place to start looking for jobs like this would be a freelancing website such as www.freelancer.com where you can “bid” on projects available.

6. Virtual Assistant – Some companies are now hiring a virtual assistant rather than an on-site personal assistant.   If you have experience working in a secretarial or administrative job, you could search for this type of work.

7. Mystery shopper/Secret Shopper – For this role you go out on assignments to shops, banks, service providers or cafes, visit them as if you were a normal customer but take note of the level of service which you then report back to the mystery shopping company.  Some roles can be telephone based, so you ring and make an enquiry and report on the response.  Generally the pay rate is fairly low per assignment, however if you are required to purchase something for the assignment you will be reimbursed for it.  There seem to be quite a few mystery shopping scams around, so if the pay rate seems surprisingly high, or Western Union transfers are involved, then you should probably treat with caution.

8. Telephone Sales – This can be a tough one, you need to be dynamic on the phone and convincing to get people to buy from you.  You will probably get a lot of people hanging up on you or getting impatient with you, so you need to be prepared for that.  You won’t get paid unless you make a sale, but if you are confident you can connect with people on the phone, then there are plenty of different opportunities for this type of work.

9. Appointment Setters – This role involves helping to create sales leads by contacting people to arrange an appointment time for a consultant to visit them.  You will likely get paid for every successful appointment booked.

10. Customer Service/Call Centre jobs – Many companies are outsourcing their customer service and call centre roles to work-from-home staff.  Calls will be diverted to you at home and you will have access to the company’s customer database to assist customers with their enquiries.  As with telephone sales, you may be dealing with angry customers at times, so if you think this might be overwhelming for you to deal with every day in your own home, this might not be the right choice.

11. Internet Support based jobs – Tech support, helpdesk or customer support – for example sales websites often hire people to provide customer service by email or phone.  Check some of the big sales websites such as Amazon or ebay and see if they are recruiting.

12. Web Design – If you have creative web design skills, use your networks to get the word out that you are available to design and build websites.

13. Bookkeeping/Accounting – If you have qualifications and experience in this field, then you could promote yourself to manage the accounts for small businesses, tradespeople etc, who might appreciate someone else to handle the finances!

14. On line Surveys – Companies will pay you to fill in surveys about their products.  Some will pay cash, some will provide credits/products for your efforts.  Double-check on line to make sure the survey company is legitimate before you sign up and start providing answers to their surveys. Keep in mind though, these type of jobs pay very little — far less than minimum wage. You can give it a go, but our advice is to skip this one.

15. Web Search evaluator – Are you very good at browsing the Internet?   If so, you can make a very decent living making sure search engines stay relevant. Web search evaluators make sure search engines stay up to date.

16. On line Moderating – Moderating chat rooms, comments sections on blogs and discussion groups, forums and Facebook groups can be a paid job.  You need good decision making skills, and have to sometimes make difficult decisions on what to allow or disallow.

17. Bilingual Work at Home Jobs – Bilingual people are much needed in the work at home world. If you are able to speak multiple languages, there are opportunities available in customer service, writing, translation, and more.

18. ESL Tutoring jobs – Working in a virtual classroom, you tutor students in English.  You will, of course, need excellent English language skills, and may also need a degree for this role.

19. On-line Tutoring or Teaching – If you have teaching qualifications or experience, you could provide homework help or tutoring assistance on-line.

20. Charity/Community/Arts Organisations – These types of organisations are often working on a very limited budget and want to keep costs down, so might not have office space to maintain.  Therefore a lot of their staff work from home.  They may have office, administration, fundraising or promotion type jobs.    Don’t hesitate to ring and make contact, many jobs aren’t actively advertised and are just filled by someone being in the right place at the right time.

How Can I Spot a scam?

Sadly there are a lot of scams out there, especially when it comes to the stay at home / work from home job sector. We would even go as far as to say that many, if not most, of the hyped up ‘make a lot of money with minimal work’ jobs you see plastered online are complete scams.

Put it this way: if something sounds to good to be true, it IS too good to be true. 

Be cautious about on-line searching for work from home jobs especially, however scam job opportunities can be advertised anywhere.  As always, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!  Here are some things to look out for when trying to decide if something could be a scam:

  • If someone contacts you with an opportunity, and it’s not something you have applied for, be wary about whether it is legitimate.
  • Job opportunities involving Western Union money transfers need to be treated with caution. These sort of money transfers can be untraceable, so are often used to get money off people in scams.
  • Search on-line for reviews on the company, there are often comments that indicate something is a scam, or you can read what other workers think of working for that company. As always, remember to read a good cross-section of workers reviews, there will always be someone who wants to complain, so read a selection of reviews to give you a clearer picture of whether they are a good company to work for or not.
  • Some companies want you to purchase equipment, pay for training or resources up-front. This does not necessarily mean they are a scam, but be clear about what you are paying for, do your checks on the company and make sure the amount requested isn’t excessive or unreasonable.

Remember that the amount of time you can dedicate to your work-from-home job might change as your baby grows and your daily schedule changes.  Once you’ve worked well in one work-from-home job, you’ll find it easier to pick up other roles and be successful at them.  It does require self-discipline – especially on nice, sunny days when you’d rather be outside, but the extra income will be a good incentive.

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    thank you so much for the list. as a mom i love reading all about work from home and theres so much misinformation out there! thanks to your site and workfromhomenewsletter.com i have all i need to start