20 Small Business Ideas for Moms


Raising kids is never easy, and you have even more responsibilities when you are a single mom. The biggest issue for moms is to manage their finances in a better way. The good thing is that you do not have to leave your little ones at home to look for new jobs – there are so many small business ideas that you can start to earn money. These business ideas work great not just for single moms who cannot leave their home but they are equally productive for housewives who want to support their partners.

What it means is that moms, single or otherwise, can always start a home-based business to make money, and it is actually a lucrative option considering that more than 52% of U.S. companies now operate as home businesses. It will also be a motivation for moms to know that stay-at-home moms established many of the biggest brands of today’s world – some popular names include Julie Clark (Baby Einstein), Mrs. (Debbi) Fields, and (Dorothy) Gerber. So, let’s have a look at 20 best small business ideas for moms.

1. College Financial Aid Planning Consulting Business

As a financial aid planner, you will have to help parents get the lowest possible price for their kids’ college education. Parents are usually unaware of all financial aid resources available today. You may also advise high school students and parents on selecting college, finding enough financial help, filling out the application forms, and understanding how to write the college essays. It is also your duty to explain tax implications on college saving plans. Be sure to have a good understanding of financial programs like Stafford Loans, Byrd Scholarships, PLUS loans, and other options available today before starting this business.

2. A Home-Based Bakery

While you may have to deal with several regulations when trying to start a home-based food business, it will help you make good money in the end. Just try to get more insight before getting started. Learn about the rules and regulations in your state, like if you need a separate kitchen, how to proceed with product labeling, and more.

3. Consignment Shop

With recycled clothes making a comeback, you can always start a business of selling ‘gently used’ items. It is a great choice for moms mainly because they do not have to pay anything until they manage to sell their entire inventory. It may well be the kind of start you need as a startup entrepreneur. Just pay special attention to providing a pleasant atmosphere to your customers – keep your shop fresh, clean, and fashionable to make it a successful venture.

4. Home Childcare Business

Offering child day care services can prove a potentially lucrative business opportunities for moms. You can get started right from the comfort of your home, and the idea works because parents feel more comfortable leaving their kids in a home environment. Keep in mind that this is a regulated business and you will have to learn about state and local regulations regarding the minimum space requirements per child, provision of meals, and number of care workers per child.

5. Freelance Writing Business

Stay-at-home moms will love the idea of starting a freelance writing business. It does not require a lot of money to get started. All you have to do is publish a great website with all your writing skills mentioned in an enticing manner. You can start writing on your own or you can hire other writers to take up assignments on different subjects. You can offer services such as book writing, article writing, blog writing, website content writing, press release writing, and more. Be sure to have knowledge of search engine optimization to write quality content for the Internet.

6. Interior Design Business

If you have what it takes to make the world around you more beautiful, starting your own interior design business is a great idea. You can choose to help people with limited budgets and help them how to decorate their home with everything they already own. You can also decide to specialize in a certain area of design to set yourself apart from the competition.

7. Gift Basket-Making Business

One of the very best small business ideas for moms is to sell gift baskets. You will have to be creative and possess the design ability to get interesting gifts and tuck them into decorative tins, baskets, bags, or boxes. The best thing is that you can tailor your gift baskets for baby showers, corporate parties, birthdays, holidays, and other important occasions.

8. Menu Planning Business

When you know how to plan out the perfect menu, you can use this skill to lay the foundation of a lucrative small business. Simply start a website and start offering sample menus on it. You can then sell menu plans per week or consider your customer’s dietary needs to create one. Introducing theme menus will also help you make extra money. Be sure to maintain a presence on social media networks to reach a large audience.

9. Online Marketplace Store

Look around your house. Do you find any clutter or anything you no longer need? Consider setting up an online marketplace store and start selling those products to an established worldwide network of consumers. You can get started by creating an account on sites like Amazon, eBay, or Etsy. Keep looking for products in yard sales and charity shops – you can get them for less and sell them for profit.

10. Grant Writing Business

If you have the knowledge and know what it takes to win grants, you can always start a grant writing business and help grant seekers write applications to get the financial assistance they need. You can help people apply for general operating grants, project grants, restricted grants, endowment grants, matching grants startup funding, and challenge grants. Working with nonprofit organizations may help you get more money and it is easy to get started because they usually do not require certification.

11. Travel Planning Business

Do you have the knack of planning dream vacations, even though you do not always get a chance to enjoy them? Do not worry; you can use your skills to help others plan theirs. In your travel planning business, you will be working with different clients and helping them identify custom itineraries based on their needs. Your job will be to provide them with itineraries and help them have the ultimate experience while staying within their budget.

12. Cake Decorating Business

It is an interesting and rather productive small business idea for moms with a passion for making cakes beautiful. Simply start a website with some of the finest examples of your creations. Communicate with people through social networking and make your work known. It may take some effort but you will eventually be on your way to setting up a successful business. You can increase your chance of becoming successful by targeting a niche cake business such as vegetarian, GMO free, or other specialized design areas.

13. Pet Grooming and Services

You can use your love for pets to earn extra money. You can offer a number of pet related services – you can offer pet grooming services, sell homemade pet snacks, and even use your creative side to design pet fashions. Pet walking will also help you make some money.

14. Culinary Consultant

Starting a food business is always a great choice, but you may not always be in a position to get all the certifications to get started. Alternatively, you can start working as a culinary consultant. You can start your own website or join networks offering real time advice from pro chefs.

15. Medical Billing Business

You may have to work in a doctor’s office first to wrap your head around everything related to medical billing business. If you have the experience, you can start your own business and facilitate doctors to receive payments from health insurance companies with little hassle. You may also have to offer your services to resolve disputes on claims.

16. Sewing Business

For moms with interest in interior design, one great idea is to get into custom curtain making business. You can expand it by specializing in sewing designing, and installing window treatments. Similarly, you can use your embroidery skills to setup a quilt designing business Doll dress designing is all the rage and you can include it in your services to get more business.

17. Software Development

For highly educated moms, there is a long list of home business ideas and software development is one such option. You can work with companies and design software as per their requirements or you can use your own idea for a piece of software or an app and sell it later. You knowledge and creativity will take you far in this business.

18. Website Management

When you are equipped with the knowledge of how websites work, you can always choose this line to build your small business.  You can offer website design services and help your clients manage it better.  You may help your clients sell ads through their website, edit and schedule content, and promote their business on social media.

19. Dog-Sitting Business

In other words, you can use your love for dogs to make a living out of it. Many dog and pet owners find it a better choice to leave their pets in a home environment instead of leaving them dog shelters. It may take a while to establish your name but you will be there eventually.

20. Baby Proofing Consulting Business

It is quite natural for moms to have an eye for unsafe conditions. If you are also good at it, you can start working as a baby-proofing consultant. As a babyproofer, your job is to check and asses home environments for hazardous conditions. You will be making suggestions and recommendations to your clients to help them provide a safer environment to their babies and kids.