Who We Are

LeavingAbuse.com was founded in 2011 as a digital source to help women leave abusive situations. It was started by Kelly, a woman who witnessed her mother suffer from an abusive relationship for years before finding the emotional strength to free herself. Now Kelly’s mother is happily remarried and emotionally healthy.

Kelly decided to create LeavingAbuse to help other women (and anyone else — male or female) facing abuse issues to free themselves.

LeavingAbuse offers articles about how to leave abusive relationships, financial assistance advice, and other such resources. The goal is to arm the public with information so they can help free themselves from unhealthy, damaging relationships.

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If you have any questions  you can contact us here with this form. We can’t promise a direct answer since we are quite busy with running this site and off-line activities, but we will try.

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1456 Stevens Drive, West Vancouver

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