Get Free Lunch for Your Kids Through the The National School Lunch Program (NSLP)

How to Get Free School Lunch For Your Kids Through the NSLP

Spending money on lunches for you children everyday can add up, especially if you have multiple children in school. Fortunately there is a program that allows children to receive free lunches at school called the National Free School Lunch Program. This article will explain the program and tell you how to apply.

The National Free School Lunch Program provides free or low costs breakfast’s and lunches to under privileged school children while they are attending school. This program also offers after school snacks for children as well. This program provides food for over 32 million children daily throughout the country.

Do my Children Qualify?

In general you must be considered low income to qualify for the program and meet the income requirements. The income requirements are in combination with the number of people living in your household. Below is a updated listing for 2016-2017 year for annual income guidelines for free and reduced price lunches:

Family of Two

  • Earnings less than $20 826 for free meals
  • Earnings less than $29 637 for reduced price meals

Family of Three

  • Earnings less than $26 208 for free meals
  • Earnings less than $30 296 for reduced price meals

Family of Four

  • Earnings less than $31 590 for free meals
  • Earnings less than $44 955 for reduced price meals

Family of Five

  • Earnings less than $36 972 for free meals
  • Earnings less than $52 614 for reduced price meals

Family of Six

  • Earnings less than $42 354 for free meals
  • Earnings less than $60, 273 for reduced in price meals

Family of Seven

  • Earnings less than of $47 739 for free meals
  • Earnings less than $67 951 for reduced price meals

It is important to note that if you are receiving SNAP or TANF benefits that your child will automatically be eligible under this program as well. Also under some circumstances your child can be eligible for this program if you are receiving unemployment benefits.

If your income is above the guidelines, you children can still purchase the meals at full price, however even at full price the meals are very inexpensive. The after school snacks use the same income guidelines, although some schools will allow for snacks to be free for all children if there is enough food available.

How to Apply for the National School Lunch Program

The application process is simple. Every year your school will send a form home with you child for you to fill out with all the needed information. You can contact the school your child attends at any time to fill out a form, it doesn’t necessarily have to be at the beginning of the school year.

The meals are always full of nutritious food, as the meals must meet meal pattern and nutrition standards based on the latest dietary guidelines for Americans. The meals all come with milk or juice as well.

If you are of low income, be sure to take advantage of the free school meals, as it will save you money and ensure your children at getting high quality, nutritious meals.