Are You Ready to Leave Your Abuser?

Are you ready to leave?

Maybe you know you’re in deep trouble, maybe you suspect the relationship can not be saved, but you’re just not quite ready to make the break? That’s OK, don’t be hard on yourself. Even if you have friends and family urging you to get the hell outta there or worse, making you feel like a door mat because you haven’t. No one can make the decision to leave but you.

Frankly, leaving immediately without planning may not be in your best interests, to do so would put you at a practical and financial disadvantage. This is not like the movie “Sleeping With The Enemy” where Julia Roberts just runs off with a change of clothing; what about bank accounts, DMV, joint debt or filing divorce, to mention but a few of the important issues you should deal with?

What you should do right now, whether you have made to decision to leave or not is: put together an emergency plan, get some counselling and start planning the great escape. Don’t worry, just because you plan to leave, doesn’t mean you have to do it right now or at all, you’re just considering your options.

Note: If you are being physically abused, please at least formulate the emergency plan and get some counselling immediately. You have an obligation to protect yourself from physical danger.

Resources for Leaving an Abuser

See below for the nearest hotline number, shelter or information resource.