18 Best Stay At Home Jobs for Single Mothers

Working from home seems to be an enticing idea, and many people have already turned to this way of working and are making good money. For many people, it is an interesting idea because it gives them the freedom to do a lot without having to worry about the distractions of office life.  Stay-at-home jobs are becoming popular with people from all walks of life, but these jobs are exactly what a single mother needs to get going. Even when you have a job, you can choose to work from home and earn enough to supplement your income. After all, it is never easy to raise your kids on your own. Well, if you are really the ‘man of the house’, you have to get ready to take hard decisions to win your financial freedom. Here are some of the best stay-at-home jobs single mothers can opt for to improve their income and savings.

1. Life Coach

Not everyone is equipped with the knowledge and skills required to figure out what is best for them. They are often confused when they have to decide which career path to choose or how to go through the rough patches. You can help these folks find the right direction by offering your services as a career or life coach. Of course, you need to know how things work and must possess a true desire to help others, but your compassion can definitely help you earn money without having to invest a lot in your business. Single mothers who always find a way to socialize should give this job a shot to earn extra money.

2. Dog Watching

Do not let your love for pet go waste – put it to use to make money! Start working as a pet sitter and you will end up earning a good deal of money. You can use the internet to get started. Set up a website exhibiting your skills with pet. You can also find many sites where they connect pet lovers with dog owners who require pet sitting services. Dog owners are more likely to use their services because they know dogs feel less stressed out in a home environment. It may take some time to establish your credibility but you will eventually be there. Once people know you can take care of pets, you will end up earning hundreds of dollars per month.

3. Photographer (Momtographer)

Another stay at home job you might look at is becoming a part time photographer. Technically, you’ll need to leave the house while shooting, but this could be a part time job that you manage from your home. You’ll need photography equipment to start and you’ll also need to learn how to shoot good photographs, but if you are willing to learn (you may need to start working for free initially and volunteer to help shoot weddings) and you put yourself out there on places like craigslist for local jobs. It won’t be easy at first, but it’s very possible to eventually move from free/volunteer photography into paid photography, especially for portrait photography and wedding type photography.

4. Tutoring

If you have a teaching background, you can use it to earn money. One of the best stay-at-home jobs for single mothers is online tutoring. You do not need to go out of your home to teach students – it can all be done online! You can look for jobs where people are looking for someone to teach their kids or you can join websites where they require tutors to help their members. You cannot just teach math, physics, and other subjects, but you can also be a music teacher with live classes. If English is your first language, you can always help foreign students understand the language and earn money in return. Alternatively, you can simply help students with homework and end up earning upward of $40/hour.

5. Grant Writer

You can now start working as a grant writer because many of these positions are now stay-at-home jobs. It is up to you to work as a freelancer with multiple clients or join an organization as a full-time grant writer. You will have to work with your clients to help prepare grant applications and proposals. Keep in mind that every work-from-home job requires solid communication but it is a little more important in case of grant writing because you need to understand what sets your client apart and why they should get financial support from organizations.

6. Personal Trainer

Do you know a lot about fitness training? Can you help people create diets to achieve their fitness goals? If yes, you can always consider working as a personal trainer or fitness coach. It is possible to train people in your home or you choose to go to theirs. Alternatively, you can offer online lectures and classes through Skype or video chat. Starting a blog may also help – you can share some important fitness and workout tips and sell your fitness books and resources. By starting a blog, you can build a following and then try to sell workout plans over the internet to make extra money.

7. Vacation Planning Counselor

Single mothers who have to take care of their little angles do not need to go out to earn money when they can work as vacation planning counselors. Hospitality industry is growing rapidly, and you can always earn money by using your knowledge about your local area to help hospitality groups and hotels create dream vacations for their clients. Vacation planning counseling job will combine customer service and sales, but the good thing is that you can always work over the phone or email. You will surely be successful in this job if you are achievement-oriented, self-motivated, and organized.

8. Technical Adviser

Customer service is a popular work-from-home job category, but big-name companies are now ready to hire skilled people to offer technical support to their clients. Stay-at-home technical adviser have to provide technical advice and direction to important clients to help them run their businesses smoothly. You can offer your services over phone and make yourself available for a video chat whenever your client needs your help. The good thing is that work-at-home technical advisor positions are available for overnight shifts, evening, and full day, which is the reason why it is one of the best stay-at-home jobs for single moms with excellent customer service skills.

9. Fashion/image Consultant

If you have always been passionate about what’s hot and what’s not in the fashion industry, you should start working as a fashion consultant. You can offer advice to your clients through the internet or you can always use your skills to pull together the perfect outfit for your customers. You can also choose to be an image consultant and help people understand why they need a change of image and how it is going to help them in their personal and professional lives. As an image consultant, you may have to work with people who require a wardrobe makeover or you may also have to help someone understand what changes to make to their personality to land their dream job. You may also hear from folks who want an image change to get their dream mate. Be ready to help them all and get paid in return.

10. Website Designer

Some of the best stay-at-home jobs are associated with the internet, and the internet is all about websites. What it means is that you can end up making a good deal with money if you can establish yourself as a good website designer. You need to have knowledge about different design techniques to create visually appealing websites. You can also work as a graphic designer and use your knowledge to help create top quality logos and other graphics. You can set up a website and promote your services on social networks or you can join websites and work as freelance website designer. Either way you will have to listen to what your clients require and incorporate their ideas with yours to produce top websites.

11. Website Consultant

If working as a website designer does not get you enough money, you can start offering website consultation services as well. Anyone today can publish a website, but they do not know what is best for their business and how they can make their appearance noticed online. This is where you can use your skills to make their websites visible to the rest of the world. For this, you need to have complete information about Search Engine Optimization and know how to optimize websites for best search engine rankings. You will have to build links, start affiliate programs, and put your copywriting skills to work to attain and maintain rankings for your clients’ websites. It is a time-consuming task to make sites move up the ladder of search engine rankings, but if you get the hang of it, you will end up making good money on a monthly basis.

12. Virtual Assistant

Working as a virtual assistant is yet another great stay-at-home job for single mothers. You role will be to provide a variety of services to other businesses, including marketing, administrative, and technical support. You can start from your home and call one of your rooms your office. Whenever you receive a call, you will be discussing everything on behalf of your client.  With more and more companies looking to outsource administrative functions to cut costs, the chances are you will land a virtual assistant job with ease. It will become easier when you have an administrative background or have connections in a particular industry.

13. College Financial Aid Planning

Working as a financial aid planner means you will have to work with parents and explain what financial resources are available for them to take advantage of. Most parents have no clue about what scholarships or grants they can find to save money. Moreover, you can also help them make a decision about selecting a college and guide them about filling out the college application and forms. You may also have to help students write perfect college essays. Your job will also involve advising parents about tax implications after they start using certain college saving plans. Be sure to get enough information about financial programs like Stafford Loans, Byrd Scholarships, Federal grants, private grants, and PLUS loans to offer quality advice.

14. Childcare Services

When you choose to stay at home because you have to look after your own kids, why not ask others to let you help them look after their kids as well? Your job will be to take care of kids while their parents are away. You can take it as a job first but you may also consider turning it into a business when you start getting more requests from parents. As you will be providing a home environment to kids, parents are more likely to consider your services than leaving their kids in a commercial setting. If you do consider this option, be sure to learn about local and state regulations concerned with this business. You may require information about minimum space requirements per child, provisions of meals, and the number of workers you need for each child.

15. Software Developer

Knowledge about coding and software will always help you find a job that you can do from the comfort of your home. There are part-time and full-time software development jobs available online, and more will become available since more companies are looking for experts to help them create software that serves the purpose right. You need to design software and may have to work with others in a company to test and debug software. A degree in computer science and experience with different coding and computer languages will help you land a job with ease.

16. Freelance Writer

When you know how to make your words convey the message in an enticing way, you really do not have to look for another job. You can always choose to be a writer, and the internet will help you connect with people who need your services. You can start working as a freelance writer and join different websites to get new orders. You may not be able to make a lot of money in the beginning, but you will get better paying jobs when you grow your portfolio and have some nice stuff to impress new clients. Once you know how things work in the writing world, you can always offer more services and start working as a blog writer or even a book writer.

17. Youtube Video Blogger

Another stay at home job could be as a video blogger on youtube. There’s a lot of opportunities to carve a niche out for yourself online, especially if you create a YouTube channel about a topic and release videos on a regular basis.  You are best off choosing a niche topic while creating video tutorials about that topic, such as makeup tutorials, product reviews, or some other topic you are passionate about. Some youtubers make some serious money these days doing this. Realistically, it may take you a few years and hundreds of videos before you start to see some real money (unless you are lucky), but it’s a good part time gig to work on in your spare time.

18. Bridal Consultant

For single mothers who are detail-oriented and know how things work in weddings, one of the best stay-at-home jobs is to offer advice to people who are going to tie the knot in near future. It is never easy for people to manage a huge event like a wedding, and your advice can always help them save time and sometime money too.

All these work-from-home jobs have great potential and you can always make them work in your favor. Just make sure you take your time to find your real skills first and then select the job you know you can handle like a pro. Keep in mind that the competition is becoming fierce, so you need to hone your skills first and find a way to stand out from the crowd. That is the only way to work from home and earn good money in return. So, start thinking now!