Books About Domestic Abuse

This section will include a list of books and reviews by women who have read them. I hope you find this helpful. If you have read a book you would like to comment on, please let me know!

“When Men Batter Women”, Neil S. Jacobson PhD and Jon M. Gottman, Phd.

“The Dance of Anger”, Harriet Godhor Lerner Phd. This book is not really about domestic violence but about relationship cycles, helping find patterns, helping find sources for underlying things (like unresolved issues of the past).

“Domestic Violence Sourcebook”, Dawn Bradley Berry

“Non-Violent Communication”, Marshall B. Rosenberg, PhD

“A Woman Like You, The Face of Domestic Violence”

“Angry Men and the Women who Love them”

“Controlling People” by Patricia Evans
she discusses many different situations, male and female.

No Visible Wounds Mary Susan Miller
Anyone who hasn’t yet read this book needs to check it out! Excellent, though it is definitely written for the abused WOMAN. Reviewed by Mary.

How about something free from the American Bar Association? Women and the Law. This is a nice little guide to the basics – it doesn’t go into much detail although it does give some information about the law related to domestic abuse.