Careers for Single Mothers: It’s Never Too Late to Start Again

The best careers for single moms  are those that allow you to have the time to care for your children as well as providing enough money to pay your bills and essentials for you and your family. This is even more essential if you’ve left an abusive relationship and need to gain independence.

So…what can you do then? There are a few careers that are idea IF you want to spend as much time with your family as possible.



Teaching is one of the best careers a single mothers can be employed in, as you will have the same hours as your children. It will allow you to drop your children off and pick them up as well as getting the same Christmas, Easter and summer breaks. Not only will this save you money on hiring a nanny, you will be able to spend quality time with your children after school, and the added benefit of relating to them on the school environment. You can also teach from home. The hours on-line are more flexible as you can teach students from across the country during the evening and weekends.


Sales jobs are driven by results and if you are up for the challenge, you can earn a great deal of money through commission alone.  Telephone interviewing or cold calling has a bad reputation but they are a great solution for the right person. Telephone interviewing is a slightly easier task than selling as more people will be inclined to talk to you if you are not going to try and sell them anything. Although it may not pay as much as telephone sales, most call centre companies pay decently and are very flexible with work time. You may even be able to choose your own days and hours in advance every week or fortnightly.


If you don’t mind going back to school to train for a couple of years then healthcare is also a great career for a single mom. The work is round the clock so there are many shifts available each day and because of this, is a flexible career. The pay is good and the job can be hard but is rewarding. Physical therapy is another great option in the healthcare field for single mothers. You can set your hours according to patient need, and many offices allow you to work part time. The average  salary for a therapy physician is $53,508.

Freelancing Self Employment

This is a booming industry these days.

If you want to work from home then you can freelance in a lot of fields, including secretarial, accounting and writing. You can also trade from home. There are market sites like EBay which allow people to buy and sell. If you find a niche that is in demand then you could very well set up a small business. It is hard work but many people have made a regular income through buying and selling from home. Medical transcription s a job that can be done from anywhere. Medical transcriptors listen to dictated recordings and turn them into medical reports.

Another popular method that’s accessible for single mom types would be Article Freelancing. That is, you write articles for employers and get paid per article or per the job. You can use places like to bid on freelancing writing jobs. Note, you need to be at least competent at writing English.