Emergency Plan for Leaving an Abuser: What to Do NOW and Where to GO



If you needed to leave urgently, where would you go? Talk to family and friends you can trust and see if you could stay with them temporarily. What if you have no family or close friends in the area you live in?

It’s a good idea to have this planned out so you can act right away in an emergency.


Make sure your read our How to Leave an Abuser: The Plan of Attack for a full outline of the necessary steps you need to take to leave an abuser and completely separate yourself , legally, financially, and privacy wise.

For EMERGENCY (if you have to leave NOW unplanned)

Call the National Domestic Violence Hotline 1-800-799-7233 (USA) to find out about shelters in your area, or if you would prefer and can afford it, check out local motels. The point is, you need somewhere you know you can go in an emergency.

How are you going to get there? If you will be able to leave by car, hide a spare car key somewhere safe, or keep a list of local taxi numbers and enough money for your fare. If your partner waits until you are away from home without a means to return to begin his abuse(and traps you) keep taxi numbers and enough money for your fare on you at all times so you can get away.

Get a bag together with your spare car keys, money, taxi numbers and any other important phone numbers, a change of clothing and important information, such as birth certificate, social security cards and anything else you feel you will need. Hide this somewhere he will not find it, preferably out of the home and somewhere safe.

Remember: You deserve to be safe

Click below for your nearest hotline number, shelter or information resource.

(Also includes abuse information in 40 languages)