Government Assistance Programs for Single Parents

Being a single parent is without doubt extremely difficult emotionally, physically and financially. Although it may feel there isn’t help out there – there is, and free government grants for single parents is your answer.

There are several ways you can get free government grants for single parents. First, you must analyze your existing situation, and make amendments in certain areas to maximize your finances as much as possible – this will help out in the long run, and can help with your application to a grant. Do not overlook the value of a budget as it can help you shave off certain expenses that you didn’t realize were costing you so much every month. With a little ingenuity you will be surprised at how much you can cut costs every month. Even using coupons to save on groceries will help you tremendously.

Grants are seen as an award, issued by the U.S Government. Grants vary in value, and the value is determined by your situation. You have to meet certain criteria to be able to be awarded a grant, most require you to have a low income, for example for many you need to have a 185% deficit in your income than the national minimum, which is set by the government themselves.

Making an application can be difficult and time consuming, but it’s important you make the effort, because it will be worth it in the long run, and will help you considerably in the future. First of all, you need to understand the different types of grants there is, and what ones suit you – to find out about he types of grants there are, speak to your local social services officer, or visit for a list of over 900 available grants. Note: most of these grants are for organizations.

Many free government grants for single parents can be applied for online – and most will require your details, so before heading over and making an application, it’s best that you have important documents at the ready, including your social security number, tax information and any other documentation that the grant giver requires. Make sure when making your application that you follow the instructions carefully, and be sure to check each detail is correct before submitting.

Each free government grants for single parents will have their own criteria that need to be met – in order to make an application for any type of grant that’s available, you’ll need to be a U.S Citizen, or have been residing in the U.S for at least 3 years.

Free government grants for single parents are available in all states across the U.S. For more information about local grants and other different types of financial aid, simply speak to your financial aid officer or social services officer. You can also head over to for more information. Remember that persistence is key, so even if you get rejected from one program try to determine the reasons for your rejection and apply to another. It may take three or four tries for you to be approved but it will happen in the end.

Now for those of you who are looking for SPECIFIC federal assistance programs for single moms or single parent families, here are some tangible programs that you can look into.

Government Assistance Programs for Women / Moms

Here are the core assistance programs offered by the government that are applicable to moms.

Families First/Temporary Assistance for Needy Families

This is a program that’s been set up to distribute small cash amounts to moms and families that need money. The grant is really meant for families with children that cannot purchase the basic necessities like food. However, it doesn’t come free. All parents who participate much work or train for a job for at least 30 hours a week. Kids must be kept in school and their basic medication needs (vaccinations, etc) must be established. Sometimes the TANF will include food stamps for extra support. This is a good program that aims to help needy families.

CHIP Program

Stands for Children’s Heath Insurance Program. this is an insurance plan that’s government funded. It’s also available in every US state. This program is aimed at people who simply can’t afford insurance. It covers medical, dental, and vision. If you are struggling to pay those bills and you are worried about your children’s health, this program is an absolute godsend.


Stands for Women, Infants, and Children. The WIC program is a very successful government program that aims to help those moms who don’t have money to meet their needs. Basically, every months, coupons for free items are distributed. All these items are basic items that pregnant mothers or children under the age of 5 require. The WIC has a pretty good budget, so it’s much easier to gain acceptance into the program than the alternatives.

Free or Reduced Meal Program

Unfortunately, it’s only at school meals that many children in the United States actually get the proper nutrition they need to grow. Because of this, the government makes available free or price-reduced school lunches around the USA. If your family happens to meet the income criteria for this program, your children can get some reduced prices

Food Stamps

Don’t have any food in your home to feed your family? You might want to seriously consider looking into the food stamp program. This program was first established in 1964 to eliminate malnutrition. Each year, millions of dollars worth of food stamps is given out.

All these programs sound great, but how do you really apply for them? You will need to head over to your local Department of Human Services to see if you or your family qualifies for the program. If you are a single mom struggling financially, you probably will.

Food Stamps – For those who have empty cupboards, the food stamp program can come to the rescue. Established in 1964, the food stamp program has stamped out malnutrition in this country, but hunger continues. The program gives millions of dollars each month to keeping families fed and healthy.

How do you apply for these programs? Visit your local Department of Human Services office to see if you qualify — if you are needy single parent family, you do stand a good chance of qualifying.

Housing Assistance?

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State Assistance?

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