Health Care Assistance for Moms: No Money?  Need a Doctor?  Where to Go.

You wake up to find your child has become sick.  While you comfort them and have a hug on the couch, you spot the final rent demand sitting on the table. And what’s more, you need to get groceries.  But wait, there’s just not enough money to cover all of this.  And what if you have no medical insurance cover?  Sound familiar?

Often times, it’s just a sniffle or cold, and it will clear up in no-time with plenty of fluids and rest.  But what happens when it’s more serious than that?  What happens when your choice is either feeding your family for the rest of the week or getting your sick child to the doctor?

No matter how bad the money situation is, never compromise on your child’s health.  That niggly cough can turn into something more chronic like bronchitis and lead to further complications, more expensive treatment, and prolong the suffering for your child

Some Options

It’s often difficult to think straight under stress, but there are places to get assisted or even free treatment or prescriptions for your child.

Depending on your finances, here are some pointers to get you started on where to go for help if you need to see a doctor or pay for prescription drugs for your child.

Free doctors and clinics

You can find a free clinic in your area through The United States Department of Health and Human Resources.

  • You may be means tested so be prepared to have all your details to hand.
  • If you are a member of a federally-recognized American Indian or Alaska Native Tribe, you can also access medical assistance through the Indian Health Service.

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Phone toll free on 1-877-696-6775​

Free and assisted prescription costs

Did you know that many state and corporate prescription assistance programs help patients obtain free or low-cost medications if they meet qualifying criteria?  Check some of these out.

Needy Meds

Needy Meds is a non-profit organization that helps people who can’t afford medicine or healthcare costs.

  • Their website let’s you search for available prescription assistance programs for both brand name and generic prescriptions.
  • For certain prescription assistance programs you’ll need to complete an application form which is available from them.
  • Needy Meds also provides information about disease-based assistance programs, discount drug cards and government programs.

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Wal-Mart Pharmacy Site

Wal-Mart offer some good deals if you do have a little money.

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Partnership for Prescription Assistance
  • The Partnership for Prescription Assistance offers resources to match you with a program of assistance to help with your prescriptions.
  • You can use their patient assistance search toolwhich will match you to programs for which you may qualify.
  • You must apply directly to the specific program for assistance.

Please remember that the Partnership for Prescription Assistance® is an information resource and does not directly offer the assistance programs.

Find out more at Partnership for Prescription Assistance® 

Charity Help

Some charitable organisations can help out with support and medical help when your child is sick.  You may also find that some of these offer a great network of moral support to single moms and dads.

  • The support you get will vary from charity to charity, and from state to state so please check coverage in your local area.
  • These are mostly run by volunteers, who are committed to giving you and your child the care, attention and guidance you need.
  • As an example, Compassion is one charitable organisation that helps out with situations that include surgery, vision and hearing issues, prosthetic limbs, wheelchairs, trauma counseling, special dental needs and, God forbid, funeral expenses. Their assistance not only covers medical needs but also helps support individuals to continue with day to day living.
  • Children get to stay with their families as they recover.

Find out more at Compassion

CHIP/Medicaid assistance for kids

This is well worth checking out.  If you can get this help with this, it’s peace of mind for you in the event that your child may need medical attention in the future.

  • If your monthly income is below $1530, you may qualify for assistance under the CHIP/Medicaid medical insurance programme for kids. The yearly enrolment fee may even be waived depending on your income. This will be means tested, and the level of support will vary according to your personal circumstances.
  • If your income is above this figure then benefits are on a sliding scale of enrolment fee per year.
  • If your monthly income is from $1,531 to $1,874, there will be a $35 one-year enrollment fee.
  • If your monthly income is from $1,875 to $2,021, there will be a $50 one-year enrollment fee. Find out if you qualify.

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And Don’t Forget to Take care of You!

And last, but not least, make sure you take care of you! You also need to be fit and healthy so you can look after your family.


Even More Resources

Salvation Army
Local units can offer emergency financial assistance to families.

First Hand Foundation
First Hand Foundation assists individual children who have health related needs and no financial resources to cover these expenses.

Foundation for Children with Cancer
Family must be referred by a healthcare professional and payments go directly to the vendor.  There is currently a $500 limit per family.

National Children’s Cancer Society
Provides financial and in-kind assistance to children with cancer.

United Healthcare Children’s Foundation
Offers financial assistance to cover medical services beyond what insurance will cover or if service is not covered by the policy at all.    Grants up to $5,000 per year.

Partnership for Prescription Assistance
Offers a single point of access to more than 475 public, state and private patient assistance programs, including more than 200 pharmaceutical programs.

Wal-Mart Pharmacy Site
Wal-Mart currently offers a 90 day prescription supply for just $10 and $4 for refills of generics.

Needy Meds
Needy Meds is a non-profit organization with the mission of helping people who cannot afford medicine or health care costs.