Housing Grants to Save Your Home: 4 Programs to Help You

Nothing is worse in life than the prospect of losing your home. All is not yet lost though; there are some means of saving your home, however.

Today more than ever losing your home is more of a reality than ever before with the housing market unstable and the general economy on the downer.

If you find yourself in this position take a deep breath and remember that there are many programs available that can provide an answer to your problem. The Lord knows that the thought of losing the one thing that keeps a family grounded can be overwhelming, so try to remain calm.

We all know how stressful the possibility of losing your home can be, so let us focus on some tips that can help you deal with this nightmare or prevent it from ever happing. We are going to touch on some helpful tips on finding and securing single mother housing grants.

There are four government agencies that provide programs, that when obtained will provide the financial assistance necessary to allow a single mother the ability to live and work stress free in the family home. There is nothing more important than being certain of the shelter over your head and even though dealing with the application process can be a headache, the result is well worth it. All these programs feature dedicated websites where you can get massive amounts of information to help you through the application process.

However, if a website asks for a fee for information, it is most likely a scam as this information is available for free and no one has access to programs that charge. Their goal is to help you, not make money from you.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development provides financial assistance, professional advice and grants for homeowners or potential homeowners everywhere. The programs available have helped countless people, but try not to delay getting started on the application process. Many will apply and the competition is fierce. Just don’t get frustrated.

The local State Housing Finance Agency is probably the easiest place for most desperate who are at risk of losing a home  to start reaching out for information. Designed to provide aid to low income earners, the Housing Finance Agency will place you with someone to provide you with one on one advice on all types of assistance that is available to you.

The Nehemiah Foundation is the one option single mothers should really focus on. The reason for this is because if your situation fits their model, they will pay up to six percent of the cost of the house. Bear in mind, if you make a mistake it could cost you eligibility in this program or mean you have to start the process from the beginning again.

Community Action Agencies are found in every major city. These are government affiliated agencies which are THE go to place for any sort of government or private assistance, including help for homeowners who are at risk of losing their homes. Find your nearest CAA to refer you to specific programs designed to help prevent foreclosure.

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