How To Find Affordable Wedding Dresses

Wedding dress can cost thousands of dollars putting a strain on your wedding budget. While you want to look good in your wedding dress, you do not want to have to spend big money for a dress you will only wear once. Fortunately, there are some ways to find affordable wedding dresses, and this article will show you how you can do just that.

1. Shop Online

Yes, it is a tradition to head to a bridal boutique and try on wedding dresses with the bridesmaids, however you can likely find cheaper prices online. Buying wedding dresses online is steadily increase in popularity as more retailers are selling online. A good idea would be to try on wedding dresses in person, and then see if you can find the same, or similar dress online for a cheaper price.

2. Gently Used Wedding Dress

There is absolutely nothing wrong with purchasing a gently used wedding dress. The used dresses look brand new, as no one would be able to tell that it is a used dress. Also, you would be able to afford a high end designer dress if you purchase a used wedding dress.

There are many sites online that sell gently used dresses. Many of these sites are direct selling, meaning you can negotiate the shipping easily, and possibly negotiate the price. Some of the more popular online used wedding dress retailers are shown below:


3. Use Large Retailers

Many large retailers such as J.Crew and Ann Taylor are now involved in retailing wedding dresses. The prices on these dresses are usually lower then bridal boutiques. Also, you could spend some of the money you save by getting custom alterations to enhance the look of the dress.

4. Look At The Right Time

It is said that winter time and summer time are the best times to buy a dress as many retailers and bridal shops will have huge sales and blowouts as the newer merchandise of dresses arrive. Start looking for a dress as early as possible, if you see a designer dress you like that is really expensive, wait a while to see and you might be able to get it for 50% off. This is a good strategy used by many, and no one would be able to tell that the dress you are wearing is last years model.

5. Buy A Floor Sample

If you really want a sure way to save on a wedding dress, it could be a good idea to consider buying a floor sample that you have tried on. Ask how long the dress has been used for sampling and if it hasn’t been to long you can most likely negotiate a low price. Ensure to look at the dress carefully to make sure there are no holes or stains.

6. Choose A Casual Shape

Many traditional wedding dresses usually come in style of a big ball gown. These types of dresses require more material resulting in a much higher price. If you choose a more casual and basic shaped dress, you will most definitely pay less money for it. Keeping it simple is the key. Also, you can then add accessories to your gown with the money you saved.

7. Avoid Alterations

You might be tempted to add you own special alterations to a dress that you are interested in to make it uniquely yours. However, altering a sleeve or making changes to the neckline can be very expensive, costing you an extra $100 to $300 per alteration. The key is to find a dress that you like just the way it is, avoiding any alterations which will save you good money.

8. Choose A Corset Style Back

Choosing a wedding gown that has a lace up corset style back. These will definitely help you save money on expensive alterations as you can easily custom the bodice of your dress to conform to your measurements. Corset back dresses are still a very fashionable, popular dress among brides.

9. Attend Trunk Shows

It is also a good idea to attend any local trunk shows in your area. A trunk a show is an event were dress designers show off their lines of new dresses. Many times if you place an order right at the trunk show, you can receive up to 20$ off especially if you negotiate.

Even if they do not give a discount, they might be able to add a few extras, such as additional length on the sleeves , or on the train (part of the dress that extends behind the dress.)

10. Be Aware of the Fabric

The type of fabric used on the dress is a huge factor on the final price of a wedding dress. Be aware which fabric the dress is, as the dress you want might be out of your price range because of the fabric. For example, if you wanted a silk dress, there are synthetic and silk- polyester blends look look very similar to the silk dress, and at a lower cost. Be sure to ask if there is similar fabric available for a dress that you like, it could save you money and still look good.

11. Rent a Dress

If you really want to save money you could aways rent the dress. You are only going to wear it for one day anyway. You can rent a wedding dress at any bridal boutique or retailer for a fraction of what you would pay if you actually bought the dress. You will save hundreds and no one will even know that you rented it anyway.

12. Try on Several Dresses

Try on as many dresses as you can, even if you do not like the way it looks on the rack. You might try it on and be pleasantly surprised on how good the dress looks on you. It is a good idea to start with the cheap dresses first, as you might find you look good in a cheaper dress that you never would have even thought of trying on.