Leah asked 2 years ago

Hi. I left my ex about 5 years ago.  I petitioned the courts to have him removed from the marital home so we (myself and my children could stay in the home) but the courts ruled in his favor because he was not only the primary signor on the mortgage, but also the primary payor on the home.  So I had to leave.  I got a PPO, and full custody and figured everything out.  Fast forward a few years and my emergency housing is just too small (500 sq ft) and beginning to affect us all (me, 2 kids).  My ex left his job and went underground for awhile, allowing the marital home to foreclose–and I didn’t rcv child support for 3 years, so I only paid for the housing I was using at the time.  In the divorce, I am not liable for any deficit for the foreclosure, but because I co-signed it, I’m blacklisted from home loans. I have 2 years left before I’m eligible for a traditional mortgage as a result, but it’s killing us living in emergency housing for so long, especially since we wanted to stay in our home to begin with.  Do you know of any programs to get us out of here faster?  Any specialized loans/programs?  (I DO NOT qualify for Habitat because I own this 500sq ft mansion outright).  I just feel like leaving the abusive relationship just launched me into another totally different type of abuse: a life of cyclic poverty that I’m blamed for at every turn.