Lisa asked 2 years ago

So… My mom works a lot and i barely see her and when I do see her we are arguing. So my step dad is supposed to take of me I guess. I’m 16 I work, go to school and bbabysit weekends Im barely home due to I can’t be around my step dad with out wanting to cry. I spoke with my mom this morning about getting some shorts for summer out of the money we receive because my dad is deceased and it’s to take care of me but I never see any of it. And she started arguing about it. My step dad butted in and started to call me worthless and they always tell me13 I don’t deserve anything and I’m retarded. I started drugs, drinking, and smoking when I was13 trying to find an escape. My family rarely says anything positive to me and are almost always ignoring me. And some of the money that could take care of me they spend on drugs, cigarettes and alcohol I just wanna know if this is normal for my step dad to constantly put me down call me retarded and stupid and worthless almost every day. And I will probably have to quit my job this week due to no ride there I just wanna if there is an escape and if this is normal cause I’m so lost and depressed all the time from it.