Amy Lewis asked 2 years ago

Hi there, my name is Amy.  I am a registered nurse and 32 years of age and completely financially independant.  My sister is 30 years old and is thinking she will make it in the acting world.  She lives in Sydney and can never hold down a casual job longer than a few months.  My mum and dad, therefore, have been succumb to supporting her every living expense for 5-6 years now.  My dad is massively stressed in his line of work, and needs to retire as his mental health is suffering.  He is not diagnosed with any mental illness, but his life is not his own due to the financial situation supporting my sister.  He feels he can’t retire.  He is not thinking straight and has no idea what to do with her.  My mum and dad live on the Gold Coast in Queensland, and my sister refuses to come home and live a normal life.  I am really concerned for my mum and dad.  My sister wedges them into situation where if they don’t give her money she will be on the street.  I thought you might be able to point me in the right direction as to who could help my parents, ie. a social worker, of advise me of what could possibly help them.  I have not sought any other advice at this stage.  Thank you so much for reading  my email and call for help.  Amy

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