Jessica asked 2 years ago

I have a friend who is a single mom. She has 3 children, a 13 year old boy, 10 year old boy and 8 year old girl. The two boys share a father, who sees them every other weekend but isn’t really a father to them, as he still lives with his mother and she is crazy and runs the ship there. The kids have had a lifetime of crazy and have so many issues. My friend is in such a dilemma. She has just finally found a new job and started a couple weeks ago, but can’t afford childcare, and also makes too much to qualify for any assistance vouchers. So the 13-year old is left home in charge of the other two. Well he, one, is mentally very immature, gets along great with my 8-year old son, is very childlike, and has serious anger and aggression issues. He regularly pushes, pinches, punches and even chokes the other two kids, especially when they do something he doesn’t like or they don’t listen to him. She is terrified that he is going to seriously injure or even kill the other two kids, but just doesn’t know what the hell to do. She is afraid to have any kind of child services involved because she is afraid it would hurt her custody case or that child services would even take them. She has tried getting some help through the school, and the counselor there had been helping during the school year, but now that it’s summer even that is gone. I want to help her, I really do, and I know she is hoping I will volunteer MY 13-year-old daughter to watch them or something, but I honestly could NOT do that to my daughter. I watched them after school for one school year and almost went insane. I want so badly to help her, but I can’t put my own child through that. Any advice I can give her? Any resources she could contact that could help her out?! I know this sounds crazy, but I am not exaggerating when I say she is worried about what could happen to them! He has that potential, honestly. What do I tell her? I just don’t know. I am married, and have children who don’t have any issues like her children.