schneice thomas asked 2 years ago

Hello my name is Schneice Thomas I am a single mother of two soon to be 3 in Sylmar California going through very difficult times.I was recently homeless with my 19 month old daughter and 6 month old son and I am 16 weeks pregnant I have nothing for my children only have a handful of clothes that are becoming too small. We are sleeping on the floor of our 1 bedroom apartment. Hard for us to receive the food we need having been denied for food stamps assistance which I just reapplied for I haven\’t even been able to see a doctor because of having no insurance. I have heard that mothers and other individuals have money that they are required to receive and was wondering if you could help find those resourses that can help us with clothes, food, household items, baby items, and car seat for my daughter. Thank you for your time Ms. Thomas