Anonymous asked 2 years ago

My therapist and everyone tells me I should leave, I have gotten an apartment twice and then backed out. He told me he was going to change, why do i believe him everytime? Why is it so hard for me to leave? I still feel like he doesnt abuse me and all my friends dont want to hear it anymore…. He has major anger issues and has become pysical 3 times but over long peridos of time. I need support. I am not afraid of of him just his words.My therapist says he the master manipulaotor but i feel like i am in the wrong too.  I honestly dont know what to do. PLEASE HELP ME.  He told me he would work on his anger but he also said that 3 years ago. He told me if he has another episode i can leave him, doesnt that just give him the right to freak out one more time. I wish he would just punch me already so I can leave. Even then I would feel as if everything is my fault……….

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admin Staff answered 2 years ago

Leave him.
It’s rough, it’s tough, but it has to be done. 
Change is never easy — both for the abused and for the abuser. The abuser, however, is less likely to change his behavior.
Ultimately, this rests on YOU to change. Don’t expect your guy to change. In fact, count on it. YOU have to take the steps and leave. 
This is likely the only way. If you sit around and wait for him to become a different person, you are going to wait forever — your lifetime maybe — and you will continue to endure abuse.
Best of luck, but you know what you have to do.