Anonymous asked 2 years ago

Dear Sir/Madam,
I have been abused for years. The abuse started with my enrollment to one of the local university, and the abuse is always related with my relationship with my spouse. We had a long distance relationship since 2011 – 2014. My neighbors started to spread rumors about me. They said my school assignments were written by my spouse, and therefore, they said, I am an idiot. But I write my school assignment by myself. Then I was assisting a person to do analysis for dissertations, and my neighbors said that it is my spouse who does it. My spouse is seemingly affected by my neighbors’ rumors, but since he never does anything related to my assignments and my job, he thinks that I am an idiot, even it is impossible, because the rumors came from my neighbors, who live in the house besides my house. He started to abuse me, call me idiot, and emotionally abuse me. He yells at me everyday, and he tries to restrict me from having opinion. He whispers ‘a female slave’, ‘idiot’, and something like I am not even a person, therefore he can do anything to me. At the first time, I told my father about the abuse, but my father feels that he says the truth, and therefore, according to him, I did not make the dissertation, I was a female slave of my spouse, although they can see the evidence, i.e. the files, and the paperworks. My father seemingly always underestimates mouses until my spouse clarified that he never write anything related to my assignment and my job. Nobody protects me. Basically, I do not want to marry him, but I did not have any choice. Everybody calls me ‘a female slave’, ‘idiot’, ‘not a human being’, etc. There is nothing I can do. 
The rumors were spread, and now people everywhere harass me. They call me ‘a female slave’ everyday when they pass my house. It happens also when I am in the public space, people will abuse me verbally.
My spouse is a famous translator and apparently he is very powerful. People believe what he says, and according to the people, he can do anything to me.
I just want to live normally, without any harassment. But nobody helps me. Do you have any advice? I cannot go anywhere, since the rumors were spread everywhere. 
Please help.