Questions & Answer Section – Financial Help, Single Parenting, Relationships, Career, Abuse, and moreCategory: Financial AssistanceI can't leave. I have no transportation. I have seprratwd my disability checks and need to get to where my son lives and a place of my own. I need to get to Charlotte N.C.
Anonymous asked 3 years ago

Help I am in Cincinnati Ohio and need to leave here. I have been trapped here with no transportation and no way to get out. I am on disability.  It isn’t just him but his family has made me be something I am not. They blame me for my disability.  I can’t help what 2 bad Dr’s did to me. I need to get to Charlotte NC close to my son and his family.  I want my own space not to intrude on my son and his wife and don’t think it is harmful on them. I know she my daughter inlaw has fallen for these lies and defamation of my character.  Anytime I gather with them someone or my husband gets mean in front of people.  They take what I say out of context and twisted things up so much I am feeling rejection from all directions.  I am lost and need out asap. I don’t know where to turn to. He has money he inherented by his mom and ever since he has become abusive. I tell him who hurt me but he thrives on knowing he has networking people against me. I want to be able to start life over but fear section 8 housing.  I am 55 and never thought this could ever happen to us. My health has been going down. I can’t change the damage that 2 dr.s did to me. Because I appear ok they think I am fine when I sm not. I need to be where I can get the support I need. Even my son has sometimes been influenced by some of these lies. I don’t care but I need to get to Charlotte N.C asap.Any help on how I can get moved there. Even if my son moves I deserve to start over. When nobody knows me. I need a support system despiratly. Any help of what to do first.

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admin Staff answered 2 years ago

Sorry to hear about your situation. 
Look at some financial assistance programs in NC 
And take a look at some charity assistance. There is a section on that page related to transportation assistance. 

Find your local Community Action Agency, call them, or drop in to a center and see what they can tell you. This is the best place on the ground to contact as they will have contacts and information about LOCAL assistance programs you can look into.
And finally, contact local churches in your area — the often can offer emotional support / counseling, and even direct emergency assistance if you need somewhere to stay at for a short period of time to leave abuse.
It’s pretty clear that you do need to leave this abusive relationship.