Ashleigh Vail asked 2 years ago

I am a single mother of one boy he is 6 years old his father is currently incarcerated in the Montana State prison I am currently living with a friend at their parents I recently lost my job working at Goodwill over in Butte, MT I am currently looking for work I have no vehicle I was buying a vehicle through the original owner witch would of been my father and when I went to make the last payment he did me wrong took the vehicle and gave it to his girlfriend I have no documents on paying anything for the car I honestly didn’t think I would need it seeing how he is my father and I didn’t think he would pull something such as that. Anyways back to the subject. I’m am honestly just trying to make it somewhere and I just want to feel like my boy can look up to me and I just want to feel like I’m not alone. So because I don’t intend on furthering my education will I be denied?