Anonymous asked 2 years ago

I’ve been abused by my parents (who have beaten each other up to the point of hospitalization) since childhood, both emotionally and physically. I am on SSI and pay most of it toward rent because I could not afford to live on my own otherwise. I am mentally ill (bipolar, ADD, anxiety) and generally a lot of the factors from living with my mother has prevented me from being able to hold down a job and move out.
I have a friend in California that can help me stay safe and start up going to school if I can make it there, but I barely make it to the next paycheck every month. I’d basically only need to pay rent once I move, but I need about $2000 to move safely in case of emergencies and what not. It’s only a few months until I hit the time limit (her lease is up, as well as the need for someone to live with so she can afford an apartment).
The abuse has escalated since I have gotten a part-time job (with threats of preventing me from going) and the knowledge that I intend to leave. The past few weeks have been riddled with threats and assault and I’m at my wit’s end after being choked to the cusp of blacking out.
I can’t find any resources near me, let alone any for adult women who are not married and do not have children. I’m not really sure where to go or what to do.