Susan Staff asked 3 years ago

I’m considering leaving my abusive husband. I don’t have the money. Are there any resources or government assistance programs that can give me money IF I leave?

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admin Staff answered 3 years ago

Susan, this itself is an entire article or 20.
There are some legit programs:
Housing Voucher program (it takes a while to get into, however)
Food Stamp Program (if you need food fast, it can be expedited) 
WIC — another program to help with food if you are a mom with children.
For emergency assistance, don’t expect the government to pull through here. Government assistance programs ALWAYS are bureaucratic and take time. You have to follow the steps, apply, and wait. You just can’t show up and get aid.
No, for emergency help you need to look at non-profit organizations. your local salvation army center, churches, women shelters, homeless shelters and that sort of thing. These are place you can actually drop in and get some help — food, short term shelter — right away if you need to leave ASAP.
And, visit your local Community Action Agency (CAA) — they should have a list of sources to check out for help and are by far the best place to get CURRENT location information for assistance.