Dreya asked 2 years ago

My abuse started in 2011 a few months after we were married he took me to Denver Colorado I had never been to another state without anyone from my family I was so nervous I was so scared I thought he would take care of me but he didn’t the abuse started about a month into our visit with his family I couldn’t believe that he really hit me I couldn’t believe that he really choked me I couldn’t believe it I tried to leave while we were there but in the end I stayed I stayed for five more years I have 2 kids and now I’m a single mom I have endured him hitting me while pregnant I have endured losing a child I haven’t heard yelling and blaming and just the brutal put-downs that I meant nothing without him now that I know that I’m done my heart hurt for the first time knowing that the situation that I had myself as well as my children in was not something that was okay I haven’t been this happy in a long time my heart is broken but I’m not stressed and I feel safe. How do you balance kids and work and free time im having such a hard time