Melanie asked 2 years ago

My boyfriend and I have a long distance relationship for 2 years and has been very hard! My boyfriend was at work and told him I needed to talk to him about defensiveness in our relationship and our communication issues. My ability to talk to him is being ruined because of how he reacts. I could just be telling him that I don\’t agree with a certain situation that happened, and it contradicts his belief or he feels a certain way, and that will spark all this defensiveness. I have the right to disagree don\’t I? He will then proceed to tell me what I truly meant in saying what I did, or accusing him of something that never came out of my mouth, based on his own thought process! I feel helpless at that point and don\’t know what to do im almost in tears. I don\’t yell at him, and when he doesn\’t want to address something that I would like to talk about that is ruining our relationship, like communication problems, and i want us to solve it, he hangs up the phone. I told him numerous times it hurts me and please don\’t do it again, but he continues to do it, and when I text him to please apologize that hurt my feelings, he will reject my calls. Are we to put up with this bad behavior as Christian women?? He\’s a Christian man as well with communication issues that he will not acknowledge and often puts the blame on me as \”triggering him.\” I am now withholding what I truly feel inside to avoid an argument. Someone please help!