Madison Rice asked 2 years ago

My boyfriend and I are very happy together. He is 17 and I am 15. He lives with his dad and step mother who are extremely cruel. He is literally their slave. He does their before and after dishes, folds clothes, cleans his room, takes the trash out, feeds his cat, and sets the table every single day. One night, he skipped church on a Wednesday and ran to my house, crying. He told my mom and I that his dad beat him and split his lip open. After that, my mom and I tried to help him out. We bought him a Tracfone and gave it to him, since he was grounded because of his grades from his other one. Every Wednesday when he would walk to church, he would skip it and come hang out with me until it was over. Then my mom would drop him off at the bottom of his driveway and let him walk up it to his house. Then, his pastor called his parents one night and asked why he wasn’t at church and then they figured it out. When he got home, his father threw him up against a wall, broke the phone in half after he found it and chucked it at him, leaving him with a busted lip. And tonight, they let him take me out to dinner. His dad dropped us off, and while we were sitting at dinner, at 8:05, his dad told him he had a curfew of 9:00. He was afraid to ask his dad for a ride home so we walked to his house. He ended up 2 minutes late, got yelled at by both of them, he had to do dishes as soon as he got home, and his dad was drinking beers. When he went to give the left over money from dinner to his step mom, she yelled at him and said “i don’t care! Just set it down and go do what your father told you to do!” and he apologized then went to do the dishes with me, standing there beside him, waiting for my ride. He seemed immune to everything, including when his dad crushed up a beer can and threw it in the trash and said “you know why you’re in trouble, right?” and Sam said “i guess so” then his dad told him “you didn’t call for a ride and lied”. I was honestly stunned. He needs help and my mother and I are moving less than a month across the street to a bigger, nicer house and offered him a place to stay when he turns 18 of November 3rd. I was just wondering if he could move in with my mother and I now if he went to the police or the counselor at school or if he would have to move in with a different family member. He has his Grandma that he may be able to go to but he really needs help and I hate seeing him like this and rarely not seeing hi other than school and the some occasions we hang out together. Thank you in advance