Anonymous asked 2 years ago

hi my name is mandy lynn im in europe now for 7 years living in a traped relation ship i been beaten  he talsk to be rudely and  says means things all the time. i talk to my church about it they said  its abuse i  never get money and i feel like i have mno self worth anymore i cry now every day and  its not just him doing it its his brother mother and father. the storys i have to tell. i went to the embssy  for help but they said we see you have a loving famliy  but the thing is they are not they control you and  having  black eyes and bursed shoulder is not my idea of a happy ending im from canada and i  just want to go home to my famliy. but i cant because i have no job and no one to help me get home to canada. is thier anyways some one can help me