unnappreciated asked 2 years ago

I left my abuser after 8yrs of abuse,we have a 5yr old daughter who loves us both very much (together) ,its been 3months now since I upt nd left with our child, I still love him with all I m but I’ve had enough of him abusing me physically, emotionally, verbally, mentally ect. when we left he just watched us go never apologized, begged, or even worried, he just didn’t care till now, im now suffering of major depression and the child nd I now living at a womens shelter and seeing psychologists for therapy, im still in contact with him according to the child visiting my family in the same street, still he supports them all and the child, I’ve made up my heart and mind that im never going back to him again yet it hurts so flippen much, hez not doing anything, nothing at all to get us back, so with whatever my decision is hes fine with it, im so angry always angry at him, when I c him my whole body feeling changes and I cant explain the evil feeling I get but yet I love him so deeply and long for him, I’ve made my emotions very clear to him always but he never showed any in return, im in my right mind of making a decision but im so so shattered I feel like he’s sitting with all my heart and i must get it back, but how?HOW