Scholarships and Grants for Single Mothers 101

Being a single mother is a huge responsibility. You are the sole caretaker of the future of you and the future of this great country. We understand that your days are full and by night fall the exhaustion sets in. you are too tired to search all over for answers to questions concerning Health, Education or even welfare. The purpose of this article is to arm you with as much of this information as possible so that you can take advantage of some of the unique opportunities that are available for single mothers. We aim to share with you quality information and great contacts to speed up your search for that job, scholarship or assistance program that you will need to enhance your present and create a better future for you and the ones you are caring for. All information in this article is current and the links are all live so you can reach the purveyors of these valuable offerings right away without leaving this site. In this article, we’ll look at some of the various scholarships and grants that a single mother might apply for.

One question I get asked quite often by students is “What’s the difference between scholarships and grants?”


  • Based on financial need not merit
  • Federal grants, institutional grants, and private grants
  • Non repayable
  • Available for wide range of interests such as business, education, and community


  • Merit based
  • Comes from institutions (colleges), businesses, or organizations
  • Non repayable
  • Varying repayment benefits
  • Almost always educational in nature

Grants for Single Mothers

Grants are gifts of goods, services or cash that you will never have to worry about paying back. In some cases these grants are even tax-free. The United States government has 26 different grant making agencies and there are thousands of organizations across the country that offer even more opportunities.

Keep in mind most of these ‘grants’ only apply to SCHOOL. if you are looking for other assistance such as free money or rent assistance, then you need to look at the low income assistance programs the government offers, NOT GRANTS.

Let me state this again, if you need money right now, you won’t find a ‘GRANT’ that will hand you that money.


Grants for School

Here is a list of a few of the most popular ones. Mind you the application process is usually a long one and though nothing comes with a guarantee of approval as a single mother you are do fit into several of the prime categories for recipients of these grants.

Pell Grant: The Pell grant is given for education al pursuits. The application is free and available from any educational institution. This includes online schools as well as the local Jr. College. Filing a Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) application is the first step to getting any other federal grants for education. You must first qualify for this one and after that the others are a little easier to qualify for. The grant is based on need and the offering is between $400.00 and $5,350 for eligible recipients. Filing for the FHFSA should be done as soon as the New Year is in as possible for the fall term.

ACG the Academic Competitive Grant: The ACG is available to college students during the freshmen and sophomore year. The grant is awarded based on merit to students who have performed at certain GPA levels in high school. The freshman gets $750.00 and in the sophomore year is awarded $1300.00. This is one of those that you must have already been approved for the Pell grant to receive.

The Federal Student Education Opportunity Grant: This grant, commonly referred to as the FSEOG is also awarded based on the needs of the applicant. The grant is designed for students with the greatest needs and can range from $100.00 to $4000.00. It to can be applied for at the same time as the FAFSA grant.

State Grants for school: The problem with this type of article is that it is would take hundreds of pages to cover all of the states and the grants that they offer. There are a few websites online that do offer state grant searches. You can also just do a google search for your state’s grant funding — if any. For example,  New York State Residents can get up to $5000.00 through a program called (TAP) Tuition Assistance Program. The state of Kansas awards from $100.00-$1100 to eligible residents through the Kansas Comprehensive Grants program. New Mexico Student Incentive Grant awards $200.00 and $2500 every year to residents.

Many private organizations both locally and state wide offer grant programs the Admissions Financial aids offices at the school you are planning to attend should have a listing of who these area and how to apply. A lot of employers offer tuition reimbursement programs you can investigate this possibility by talking to a human resource worker at your place of employment.


Scholarships are almost always based on your academic performance. They also change quite often. The best way of getting a scholarship is visit your local college financial aid office. You should be able to obtain an up-to-date list of various scholarship programs that you can apply for. The requirements for each scholarship will vary. You might find scholarships that contain extra requirements besides grades. For example, you may find scholarships offered to minority  groups, gender (single mom scholarships, for example), religion, etc.

General Scholarships: You can find various scholarships online to apply for. As stated, this might be given on the basis of gender, religion, school year you are in (upper or lower level studies), subject field (biology, law, computer science scholarships, etc), and so on.

How do you find any of these? You might find a general scholarship search site such as helpful. Personally, my favorite way to find and apply for scholarships is through the federal student website scholarship search here:

Financial Aid and Child Care

One of the reasons a lot of single mothers give for not working or going back to school is lack of childcare. The government has heard of this need and they have a few programs that can help you finance the high cost of childcare as well as the other programs for financial aid. In our society today a lot of Single Mothers are unfortunately teens who have not even finished their high school education. There are a some Federal, State and Local programs that are designed to help all Single mothers pursue their education or return to the workforce.

Your local Aid to Families with Dependent Children can assist you with your childcare needs. The following website will also point you to agencies in your area that offer childcare assistance  You will find various links on this site to all types of information including how to start your on business. This blog is one of the best online resources for finding childcare:

Here you can find moms just like you who are searching for the same information and the ones who find great information are more than willing to share it. It doesn’t matter what state you live in you just say where you are and what you are seeking and chances are great someone has been there, done that and can offer you valuable insight into not only where to go but the process involved as well.

This site offers links to other sites that offer grants for single mothers for education and childcare. President Barack Obama has set aside monies to help Single mothers interested in going to college to actually do so and have the childcare necessary so that they can study without stress. You can apply for this program if you live in the State of Georgia at The site takes you step by step through the process including eligibility assessment. Sure getting back to the work or school will take a lot of time and effort on your part. There is help available to those willing to seek it out and put in the time. You have to be willing to do whatever is necessary to get the education that will make your future a brighter place.

All states have a form of the Aid for families program in the state of Florida you may apply for most assistance programs online by clicking on this link for other states it as easy as Googling a keyword search for Depart of children and families include your state name and you will be directed to the pages.

Employment While at School

It is important to realize that the economic crisis this country is now in does not leave much room for optimism on the employment front. The lines at Job Fairs and the employment offices are getting longer as days go by. There are thousands of qualified candidates for every one job opening announced. Even college graduates are not finding employment hard to find.


Freelance writing and other jobs are open for bidding on several websites.,oDesk, and other similar websites offer you the flexibility to set your own hours and stay home with your precious little ones. You can sign up on these sites and immediately begin bidding on work projects. Most of the work revolves around article writing. That is, you write content for web masters or companies who need that content for their we sites. You don’t have to be an amazing writer, but simply competent and fluent at English — if you are a college or university student (or have even only graduated from high school), you should have no problems doing the work.

Survey Filling

This is another job that’s cropped up the past couple years. It’s not a glorious job — you spend your time filling out surveys for companies that will pay you per each filled out — but it can bring in some part time income to help pay for school.

Web Design

It’s possible to learn how to become a web designer. This is not just some skill you pick up on the weekend, however. If you are willing to self learn or even take a web-based course for a few months, you can make a part time income as a web designer. And you can work from home.

There are also more than just writing gigs available. You may find work in a variety fields such as writing, programming, web design, blog posting, advertising, marketing and many many more.

You can also sign up for online employment agencies such as  and, to name a few. It may also be worth the effort to apply with local “Temporary Employment” agencies. A lot of companies are doing their hiring through temp agencies now a days. This way they get to “test drive” the potential employee before investing in them. Temporary jobs are an excellent source of income and most often lead to full time employment for the right candidates. Agencies like Manpower, Adecco, Kelly services and others are listed online and in the Yellow Pages of your local telephone books.