Low Income Assistance Programs in the State of Connecticut

The state of Connecticut has a population of 3.5 million people with a poverty rate of 10.8% which is the third lowest in the country. The poverty rate among children is at 14.4%. While these numbers are lower then most states there are still over 374 000 Connecticut residents living in a state of poverty. Many single parents, families and individuals struggle with basic costs and necessities needed in everyday lives. Fortunately, there are numerous assistance programs available in Connecticut. This guide will list and explain the assistance programs available.

Financial Assistance in Connecticut

Many single parents and families struggle to provide everything their family needs to stay happy and healthy and and are in need of financial assistance. Fortunately there is some financial assistance available.

Connecticut Temporary Family Assistance (TFA)

The Connecticut TFA program provides the means necessary for families to achieve self sufficiency. The program provides financial assistance to low income families to help them better provide the necessities for their children. This program also provides job training and helps parents find better employment so they will no longer need TANF benefits.

To qualify for this program, you must be considered low income and have a child under the age of 19 living in your household. To learn more and to apply visit the Connecticut TAF webpage.

Connecticut Unemployment Insurance (UI)

The Connecticut UI program provides temporary financial assistance to those who have lost their job through no fault of their own. The amount you receive depends on earnings made with your previous employer.

To learn more and to apply, visit the Connecticut UI webpage.

Food Assistance in Connecticut

Many families struggle providing the necessary food required to remain healthy. If you are struggling with food costs there are many assistance programs available.

Connecticut Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

The Connecticut SNAP programs provides food assistance benefits by helping with food costs. The benefits are received on a card that works like a debit card called the Connecticut Card that has funds loaded onto it. Simply swipe the card when checking out with your food and you will receive the food free of charge.

To be eligible for this program you must be of low income, meeting the income requirements. To learn more and to apply visit the Connecticut SNAP webpage.

Connecticut Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC)

The Connecticut WIC program provides provides food assistance, nutrition education, and even health care referrals and assistance for pregnant, postpartum women and their children up to age 5.

To be eligible for this program you must be considered a nutritional health risk or have strict dietary restrictions stated by a health care professional. You must also met the low income requirements. In order to apply you must make an appointment with the WIC office in your area of Connecticut. To learn more, visit the Connecticut WIC webpage.

Connecticut School Breakfast and Lunch Program

The Connecticut School Breakfast and Lunch Program provides children attending school with low cost or free breakfasts and lunches. Your income and number of children in your household determine if the meals are free or reduced in price. If you are enrolled under the Connecticut Temporary Family Assistance program you child will automatically be eligible for this program.

To qualify for this program you must be of low income, meeting the income requirements. To apply for this program you must directly contact the school that your child attends. Too learn more visit the Connecticut School Nutrition website.

Connecticut Food Banks

If hunger is an issue for your and your family there are many food banks located throughout Connecticut. The food banks offer free nutritious food for those in need. Check out this list of Connecticut Food Banks to find one close to you.

Medical Assistance in Connecticut

Medical costs are very high making it necessary for everyone to have some health coverage. If you are of low income you can qualify for health coverage in Connecticut.

Connecticut Husky Health Program

The Connecticut Husky Health Program is the state’s Medicaid program. Husky Health Medicaid

provides health insurance coverage to those who are of low income and do not have any medical health insurance. Husky Health covers a variety of health services which including:

  • doctor’s visits
  • prescription drugs
  • lab tests and X-rays ordered by doctors
  • hospital care
  • eye care
  • dental care
  • treatments
  • vaccination
  • MRI’s

The eligibility for Husky Health is based on your income in relation to the number of people living in your household. You must be considered of low income or very low income. Some of the services will not be covered completely as some might require co-payment depending on the service. To learn more and to apply, you can visit the Connecticut Husky Health webpage.

Connecticut Husky Healthcare for Children (SCHIP)

The Connecticut Husky Healthcare for Children program provides health insurance coverage to children of families whose income is to high for Medicaid. Some pregnant women can also qualify under the SCHIP program.This program covers all all of the services that are covered under Medicaid including dental and vision care.

The income limits required are lower then Medicaid making it easier to qualify. Depending on your income their will be premiums required however they are usually very low. To learn more and to apply visit the Connecticut Husky Healthcare webpage.

Child Care Assistance in Connecticut

Child care costs are continually on the rise resulting in a big issue for low income single parents and families. If you are of low income you can qualify for child care assistance.

Connecticut Care 4 Kids Program

The Connecticut Care 4 Kids Program provides child care assistance to low income families by paying a portion of the child care bill. To qualify for the program you  must be considered low income, and the parents must either be working or attending school or job training. To learn more and to apply visit the Care 4 Kids Program website.

Connecticut Head Start Program

The Connecticut Head Start Program provides child care and assists infants and children up to age 5 in developing social and behavioural skills in preparation for school. In order to be eligible for this program you must be of low income, meeting the income requirements. Visit the Connecticut Head Start website to learn more and to apply.

Housing and Rental Assistance in Connecticut

Housing and rental costs are difficult for low income single parents and families to manage. There are many assistance programs that offer assistance with housing and rental costs and expenses.

Connecticut Low Income Public Housing Program

The Connecticut Low Income Public Housing Program offers low income residents the opportunity to living in housing owned by Local Housing Agencies with reduced rent costs. The living arrangements are owned by the local Public Housing Agencies that are located throughout the state.  Most of the time you are placed in an apartment, however it can also be single houses or condos. The housing authorities receive funding from the state, who then use the funds to provide the low income with very low rent payments in safe and sanitary living conditions. To be eligible you must be of low income, usually ranging between 50% – 80% of the average income in the area you live, however this is just a guideline.

To apply you must get in contact with your local Housing Agency. You can use this list of Connecticut Housing Agencies to find the agency nearest you. An appointment will be made where you will discuss your income.To learn more and to apply, visit the Connecticut Housing Program webpage.

Connecticut Housing Choice Voucher Program

The Connecticut Housing Choice Voucher Program allows residents to receive reduced rent payments in housing arrangements of their own choice. Unlike the Low Income Public Housing Program, this program actually allows you to choose your own living place anywhere you want. It can be difficult locating a well priced apartment that is large enough and of high quality, so this program enables you to afford high quality, affordable apartments. Once you have chosen your home, the Housing Agency provides a voucher to your landlord which covers a portion of your rent payments. You will only pay a portion of your total rent payment, usually 30-40% of the total rent cost depending on your income.

This program also requires you to get in touch with your nearest Connecticut Housing Agency to set up an appointment where you income and situation will be discussed.

Connecticut Affordable Apartment Search

If you are having trouble finding quality, well prices apartments you can use this affordable apartment search tool to help you located high quality, affordable apartments in your area of Connecticut.

Connecticut Energy Assistance Program (CEAP)

The Connecticut CEAP program provides assistance helping with the costs of home energy bills, primarily heating and cooling bills to low income households. A portion of your bill will be made directly to your energy provider with you paying the remaining portion. The amount that is paid is based on your income and household size along with energy rates and funding available.

To qualify you must be of low income. To learn more and to apply visit the Connecticut CEAP webpage.

Connecticut Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP)

The Connecticut WAP program improves the energy efficiency of homes which results in lower energy bills to low income households of Connecticut. The program will provide home energy upgrades such as repairing air leaks, adding insulation, replacing and fixing furnaces and more.

To qualify you must also be of low income, meeting the income requirements. To learn more and to apply, visit the Connecticut WAP webpage.

Connecticut First Time Home Buyers Programs

The Connecticut Housing Finance Authority offers various programs geared towards those looking to purchase their first home. The Down Payment Assistance Program will help pay a percentage of your down payment making it easier to receive a mortgage. The programs also help with closing costs and locking down a low mortgage rate. To see all the programs offered, check out this list of Connecticut Home Buyers Programs.

Transportation Assistance in Connecticut

Transportation can be an issue for those who do not own vehicle as taking a taxi or public transportation can add up fast. There are more cost efficient alternatives available.

Medical Transportation Services

There are many services in Connecticut that allow you receive free rides to and from  any doctors appointments, tests, and medical treatments you might have. In order to receive these complimentary rides you must be enrolled in Medicaid. If you are not enrolled in Medicaid you can still use these services and pay a low fee. Some of these services will even provide transportation to shopping centers and more. Check out this list of Medical transportation services available in Connecticut.


Uber and Lyft are driving services that are revolutionizing the driving service industry. Rather then taking a taxi, these services have their drivers pick you up in their own vehicles driving you where you need to go. The prices are a lot cheaper then taxis. Check out Uber and Lyft to learn more.

Legal Assistance in Connecticut

Legal service and lawyers are very expensive making it very difficult for the low income to get any legal help they need. Fortunately, you can find free/discounted legal assistance in Connecticut.

Statewide Legal Services of Connecticut

The State Legal Services of Connecticut assists low income residents with any legal issues they have. The services offered include help with immigration issues, domestic violence, foreclosure/eviction and a lot more. To be eligible for the legal assistance you must be considered low income. To learn more visit the Statewide Legal Services of Connecticut website.

Connecticut offers many useful assistance programs which is a big reason the poverty rate is lower than most states. If you are living in poverty that can change with the help of the programs in this guide, so do not hesitate to apply for the program that will serve you best.

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