The Harsh Truth About Obama Grants…

Here’s the skinny for all you single mother’s who have heard about these “Obama Grants.” Don’t! These so called grants the biggest scam going around on the net. The scammers promoting these grants would have you single moms thing that Obama has made available grants for low income moms. You simply need to apply. Oh, and make sure you send some money for “handling” of the grant. Ladies, if you send that money you won’t get it back. Simple as that.

Obama grants are a simple scam, so don’t fall prey to it. Are there some legitimate grants and help programs out there for you? Yes there are. Here are some REAL Grant programs that you can pursue.

You can visit the government grant website to see a list of the available grants that you may or may not qualify for. You probably won’t end up qualifying for any of the specific grants because those grants are mostly grants for organizations, not individuals. You should look at your state department website to see if there are any grants that target needy families. Sometimes, there are low income grants given out. There are also food stamp programs available in the United States.

Don’t only look to see if there are government grants given out, however. The private sector offers quite a bit of help in terms of free shelter, food, clothing, medical care for children. You can check online to see what private resources are available, or better yet, call a local woman’s help agency and ask what programs are available for needy women.

Stay tuned for the next posts, I will list some TANGIBLE, REAL grant/help programs available to single moms from the government.