What IS a Heathy Relationship (Here’s What One Looks Like…)

Intimacy develops slowly over time from a friendship into a committed relationship. You enter into a relationship with someone who is capable of participating in an intimate relationship. They don’t have emotional scars from their child hood or previous relationships.

  • You can trust them. They can trust you. Trust must develop slowly over time.
  • Being sexual when you want it — not being forced or coerced. Saying no to sex, gifts or attention you don’t want.
  • Not allowing someone to take advantage of you in any way (sexual, financial, and emotional) and not taking advantage of your partner.
  • The relationship is based on trust, respect and commitment, you don’t fear abandonment. You feel secure in the relationship.
  • You feel relaxed about the relationship, you are not anxious about losing the other person.
  • There is no drug or alcohol abuse, no love affairs, no physical, emotional or mental abuse.
  • Your partner is a good friend, you respect each other, you can communicate your wants and needs honestly.
  • You both encourage each other to be their best. You have concern for each other’s happiness. You can talk openly about your needs and are listened too.
  • Both partners see themselves as equals, no one is superior, there is no need to beg or plead, no need to dominate or compete.
  • You both support each other’s healthy hobbies and interests.
  • You and your partner both have friends and interests outside the relationship. You are not isolated.