What is the Pell Grant?

A lot of single mothers may have had their lives interrupted by the gift of having a child. And children can mean the end to your education. But you don’t have to let this stand in your way of school. You may have particular courses or a degree that you have never had the chance to finish or start and it is very easy to let your education because of children. It’s certainly not easy to fund your education, but one strategy is to look for all the grants you can find as a single mother. One of the best, no strings attached grant is the Pell grants for single mothers. To be specific, this is not a grant only for single moms, but as most single moms have a low income status, it’s easy to qualify for one of these grants.

Now, there are other types of funding out there other than Pell Grants, which is the title of this article. Many grants and scholarships are in fact offered by private organizations and even business.

Where to Find Scholarship/Grant/Financial Aid Funding?

These are simply two private scholarship/grant programs out of many that you can find. So if you look to the private sector for financial aid, you can find extra non-government assistance. How do you find these programs? The best way I always recommend is to visit a local community college financial aid office (or your own college if you are currently attending). These departments will always have a list of scholarship and grant programs you can apply for, both offered by the school, federal government, and private organizations. You can always use a scholarship-finding website like scholarships.com to help find other, harder to find programs, though you need to watch for scams!

If you have thought that you won’t be able to pay for school, well the educational system is always open and ready to take you back in. It is becoming an increasingly desirable thing to go back to college and university and study as a mature student. Institutions will always encourage you and there are many courses that are designed to work around your specific life as a single mother.

This article will take a specific look at pell grants that are available to single mothers and how to apply for one. We will also talk a bit about private grants and why you should look at non-government funding as well. If you want to get a pell grant as a single mother, you MUST be going to college or some sort of school. These are grants given out to students — part of the federal government’s student financial aid program.

First a note about grants: grants are need-based awards. That is grants do not have to be paid back and will often cover the costs of education fees and resources. A scholarship is like a grant, but is usually given out on the basis of merit. Some people use grants and scholarships interchangeably, but generally grants are based on your financial need. Another source of funding for education are student loans. Unlike grants and scholarships, loans must be repaid.

So what is the National Pell Grant? The National Pell Grant is a grant to cover the cost of tuition. Institutions are legally entitled to charge certain amounts of money for you to study on a variety of courses. The levels of teaching are often very high and with competition for places fiercer than it has ever been, it is a mainstream way for a university or college to make money.

A lot of single mothers are put off by the cost of going back into education. You may be thinking that the money you would have to spend would be better off raising your child but the point is that if you apply successfully then you will not have to pay a penny of the tuition fees yourself. Pell grants will commonly release fees of around $400 to $4,300 upon a successful application and this may well be a sum of money that you yourself cannot readily get your hands on.

How to Get a Pell Grant?

The first step in applying for a Pell grant will be to fill out a FAFSA form. In fact, if you have any financial need at all, filling out this form is the first thing you should do. This is a standard form that is used in the distribution of Federal Aid which includes an assortment of student loans (Perkins Loan for example) and grants as part of the package. Some schools require you to fill out the FAFSA even to even qualify for school based financial aid (which is separate from government financial aid).  Be advised that you will have to be very precise with this form and even the smallest of errors could cause in a hold up for the application. The form is designed to help you and the only reason it is so vigorous is to prevent fraud. Admissions officers will review the form with you and will offer advice on alternative courses of action.

Pell grants for single mothers are there to increase your standard of education and eventually your standard of living. Do not be put off at any point and if you are confused then remember that people are being paid to help you. Keep in mind that Pell grants are only ONE form of student financial aid. You can also look at getting scholarships, student loans, and other aid programs to help pay for school.

This video gives a a short intro on what a Pell Grant is and how to get one.