Work at Home Jobs: The Key to Financial Freedom

I get a number of single mothers who email me asking for work ideas. The age of the internet has really changed things for the better in terms of work opportunities. While you may be a struggling single mother in say Mississippi, working a minimum wage job part time because of lack of work, that doesn’t mean you can’t find work elsewhere in the world. This is possible because of the internet. Now there are a number of legit work at home programs that I recommend to single mothers as a means to make a few extra bucks. Keep in mind that if you are lazy and unwilling to work, these programs are not for you. You can find plenty of “how to make millions sitting on the couch” type of programs (cough..scams) online as it is. If you want to work and have some spare time (at home), a computer, and internet, you can make a bit of money. Maybe even a lot of money.

If you are struggling after leaving an abusive relationship, consider looking at supplementing your income through a LEGIT work at home job that can help you gain a bit more independence. It’s possible to eventually make a full time income through work at home jobs, though don’t expect this when you first start. It will take time, like any proper career, to earn more and more money at it.

Online Writing Jobs (Article Freelancing)

My first recommendation is to think about devoting your spare time to some part time writing jobs. Now wait, you tell me. You haven’t been to college or you didn’t finish high school. Listen, if you can read, write fluent English, have basic computer skill (email, knowing how to surf internet, use forums, etc), you can write articles. There is a huge demand for web content these days and there are plenty of people willing to pay for it. Depending on your writing abilities, you can get anywhere from 2 dollars to 5 dollars per 500 word article. If you can write say 5 to 7 articles a day for clients, that’s anywhere for an extra 14 to 35 bucks a day. Heck, you might even be able to pull in 50-100 dollars a day if you work full time. How do you get started? Well, you can use craigslist or, or Gofreelance to try and find a writing job.

Another good site I recommend is which basically directly matches you with employers looking for someone to write articles, create blog posts, etc. Think about it.

Filling Out Surveys

This is another legit way to make money. There are companies who will pay you to fill out surveys in your spare time. Payment is per survey completed. This is likely boring work, but you can earn money filling these out. If you need quick money and steady money, it’s worth considering.

Web Development

Another way to earn an extra buck is through web development. That is, designing websites. Now a warning up front: this takes at least 4 months to a year of schooling to learn how to do this. If you want to restart your career, this is a good way to do it. There are plenty of online universities that will allow you to learn while at home. Once you can build websites, you can either get job as a web developer or land clients on places like craigslist or freelancer and work at home.

Making Money Online

Another way to earn an income is to make money online through internet marketing. Basically making websites to sell products which earn you money. Now there is a lot of ‘learning’ involved. However, there are some reputable training programs that will teach you how to do this. I have several girlfriends who recommend The Keyword Academy as being the best place to learn how to do this. And there are plenty of single mom types there, apparently.

Parting Word To Moms Looking For Grants

I’ve tried to offer some legit information about the various help programs that moms can take advantage of. There is  real government help out there, but despite what all the websites I’ve seen on the topic seem to say, it just doesn’t fall into your lap. You need to know what you are looking for and how to apply for it. You also need to get out there and get it. My personal recommendation is to look at either going back to school so you can MAKE a better life for yourself and your kids or supplementing your meager income through a work at home job of some sort. But the bottom line is NEVER GIVE UP. Times may be tough, but be tougher and make things happen!